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Herman van Niekerk | Press Release: Can You Imagine This?

Herman van Niekerk | Press Release: Can You Imagine This?

Can You Imagine This?

On various previous posts I have referred to “Vision (Imagine), Desire, Believe and Action. I got this from a quote by Paul J. Meyer and made it my own.  Before you go of in imagination and before you get involved with MLM opportunities you have to be sure that the opportunity complies with the following:

1.  First and foremost it must be a legitimate business.

2.  It must have a product or service of value and preferably in demand. Here I think of something like all the tools you need for and online home based business. This is a fast growing industry and people need easy ways to get started.

3.  It must have a sustainable payment/commission plan/structure.

4.  It must be affordable to you.

And so on and so on … (Don’t despair; I have already done that for you)

Now you found your “perfect” opportunity and now you start imagining. Always remember to look at the possibilities (success) and not there probabilities (what if it doesn't work?). I don’t waste my time with stuff that I cannot profit from.

Allow me to help you in your imagination. This week I did a Skype call with someone in another country. This man really wants to do this business, but his monthly salary is only $60. And then I thought to myself … :-) It will cost him $50 to start and $10 per month.  So, here’s what he is going to do.  He is going to save, sell stuff and as soon as he has the money being $60 ($50 for sign up and first month’s fee and $10 for the second month’s fee).

Now what makes him do this? Pure imagination and desire.  He sees a poor community (where he lives) and imagines what he can eventually do with $2 000. Not only does he see that, but he sees himself as the teacher of his “illiterate” (his words) community. One of the first things he asked was “Is there training videos?”  I will keep you posted.

What are you currently earning - $2 000? If not – just imagine what you can do with $2 000.  If you have a full time job earning $2 000, just imagine what you can do with another $2 000 by working part time in the space of, let us say, one year – knowing that you will get it for life and that you can increase it to $5 000.

Are you still imagining? What will you do with that kind of money? Will you quit your job? Will you buy the house of your dreams (staying within your budget)?  Will you spend more time with your family? Will you help people in need?

If the above or whatever you imagined right now is the case, and if you really have the desire, and if you believe in yourself and if you are willing to take serious action then go HERE.

As soon as you have signed up, just message me to be your guide during your free tour or connect with me on Skype. We will make an appointment that suite us both and I will talk you through.  Please don’t be afraid of me, ask around, I'm really a friendly person.

I am waiting for your message or call.

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