Thursday, 4 April 2013

Herman van Niekerk | Press Release: Make Money with Your Auto-responder

Herman van Niekerk | Press Release: Make Money with Your Auto-responder

When starting or improving your online business you should make a point of signing up with services and systems that you can use to optimize your business with the added benefit of monetizing the system. That is what I do.

Firstly you have to ensure that your service (auto-responder in this case) provides the best and most affordable service and support. What you should look at in the case of an auto-responder service is the following:

* Unlimited Auto-responders
* Unlimited Campaigns
* Unlimited Sales Letters
* Send HTML or Text Messages
* Track Your Results for Each Letter
* Unlimited Professional Training and Support

As far as monetizing (making money with) the system is concerned you should look at demand and commissions.

Now, if you've been around internet marketing for any length of time, you've probably seen the phrase, "The Fortune is In the List". And if you think about it, pretty much anyone we know that is successful with online marketing is using some sort of list building strategies and techniques.  Furthermore it is close to impossible to build and manage a list without an auto-responder service. Therefore you will agree with me that there is no shortage of demand for auto-responder services.

As for monetizing the system you should take a look at their compensation plan. Look at fast start bonuses and depth in the referral plan.

At this point I want to introduce you to a system that I highly recommend.  I'm using this same service to build and manage my own lists.  I think you will find it very valuable in your own promotions and you can create a 5 figure income while you use it and refer other marketers (online and offline) to this service.

In fact, I can offer you a Free 30 Day Trial of this system so you can see for yourself just how powerful it is. You will also get a free report on how to use an Auto-responder Service.

Believe me ... once you get started, you will wonder why you ever started any sort of online business or promotion without these tools!

You can view this video at then click on “Power of One”.  You can also watch the “Video Overview”. By the way; the explanation of the matrix is on the landing page. So, just take a look.

Collectively Towards Success,

(Founder, Owner and Chairman)

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