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Herman van Niekerk | Press Release: Options to Start Your Own Home Based Business

Herman van Niekerk | Press Release: Options to Start Your Own Home Based Business

Options to Start Your Own Home Based Business

There is a huge variety of choices on the Internet to start your own home based business. In the two years I have been in the Internet to date one of my main concerns was safety. With safety I simply mean that I do not get people involved in businesses that do not work or have not stood the test of time. I now have served the time so you don’t need to serve time to see if something works or not.

At HinvestA the idea is for you to create cash and then move on to the next opportunity or fall in with the opportunity you can afford. We also only use services that pay us which means that you can make money with almost everything presented at Team HinvestA. Membership is free and beginners as well as professionals are welcome. And, you don’t stop with what you are already busy with. Here are some options:

Option 1: Get your free domain and free hosting and use the easy to follow instructions to build your own website and start selling affiliate products.  Use some of the money you earn to earn more cash with the low cost opportunities. By doing this you will already start building a list. You can also use this to build a pilot site for an intended business. Just visit

Option 2: This option is the same as option 1 but add our auto-responder service to build and manage your list and start with email marketing. You can also use this service on your site or wherever you are allowed you enter html. Take a free 30 day trial and build yourself a 5 figure income in the process at

Option 3: Get your own Home Business tools to promote your existing business and/or become a distributor of the tools and create a sustainable monthly income. Take a free no obligation tour at

Option 4: This option can run along with options 1 to 3 where you promote your auto-responder service and/or Home Business tools, get yourself noticed and create your substantial monthly income.

Option 5: This option can either be the culmination of your efforts through options 1to 4 or the start if you do not want to do any or all of options 1 to 4. In this option you become part of one of the fastest growing industries being the travel industry and live life living.

Option 6: This option can be followed on its own to create cash but definitely runs simultaneously with options 1 to 5.  This option entails advertising and is as fast a growing industry as the home business industry itself. Just visit

Option 7: Selling information products, your own products and software from your upgraded website.

This is as easy as it is with HinvestA – the Safest Home Based Business on the Internet. All you need to do is to decide what you would like to start with and just do it.

We have opened an Articles Library at HinvestA. Not only will the Library contain links to HinvestA’s own articles, but also that of our members and friends on the Internet. The Library will grow as time goes on and will be an excellent source of information for any Home Based Business Owner. The link to the Library is posted below all the sidebar opt-in forms on the main pages of HinvestA. Or, you can go directly to

Add this to the free information products you receive when you sign up for our newsletter and as a lifetime free member of HinvestA and you have everything you need to be successful. 

Collectively Towards Success,

(Founder, Owner and Chairman)
HinvestA … your iGeneration Lifestyle Family
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